Friday, 6 February 2009

Eclipse Tomcat in more than 45 seconds

(Eclipse 3.3 - for Eclipse 3.4+ check comments on this post)

Do you have some web application that cannot be started in Eclipse's Tomcat in 45s, and you get that annoying time out message?

  • Go to Windows > Preferences in Eclipse
  • Search for Server
  • Set Server timeout delay at you're own will
Here is the list of values in drop down:
Preference    TimeOut
Shorter       11s
Short         22s
Normal        45s
Long          90s
Longer        180s
Unlimited     unlimited


Anonymous said...

Thank you! That was very useful :)

Anonymous said...

I can't find how to do it in Eclipse 3.4. There is no option on "Preference>options".

Can you describe the process to change the 45s more precisly?

Thanks you!

Pål Jørgensen said...

In the latest version of Eclipse (not sure which version), go to the Servers-view, right-click the server, and select open. Then you should be able to edit the timeouts...

Kris said...

For Eclipse 3.4:
Just double click on server (in Servers view) or right click and then Open. In this overview you can find Timeouts settings (even in seconds).

There is a shortcut in Eclipse 3.3 in the same place - look for link Edit under Automatic Publishing when you do open on server.

(Thanks to post on: and my coworker Goxy)

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Curly said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alot saved me alot of time!!!

Anonymous said...


Used PC Exporter said...

Nice Blog Post !

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