Sunday, 26 December 2010

VBRUN300.DLL problem with Wine application under Linux

(Kubuntu 10.10 with Wine 1.3.10)

I have installed a Windows program under Wine, but it wasn't working. When I run the EXE from console, I got a message that VBRUN300.DLL is missing.

First thing to do here is to download winetricks. The complete guide is available on The complete list of available Windows libraries is shown under Options. It includes  vb3run - I have tried with lots of libraries, but I think that only this one is necessary to get VBRUN300.DLL. So:

  • download winetricks to your home folder with wget,
  • then, download the library with sh winetricks vb3run.
After this, I still couldn't start my program. I did have the dll file (named Vbrun300.dll), so I made link to it in folder where is the EXE file of mine program (the link is named with all capital leters). After starting the program again, in console I got an error that some other files are missing (THREED.VBX and MCI.VBX). After making similar links to these files, the program worked.


Dan Kegel said...

What app is this? If I can find a
downloadable app that needs vbrun300.dll,
maybe I could fix winetricks so you
wouldn't need those symlinks.

Kris said...

The application looks like any other home-made application. It's just a sample of test for driver's licence in Serbia. I suppose that the linking of libraries in the VB application is done wrong way.
I can send you the installation if you want (all in Serbian).

Zlatan Kadragić said...

I did not known we are using the same distro :)

Good work Kris!

Adrian_Pavon said...

It worked for me, Thanks pal

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