Monday, 8 November 2010

Apache OFBiz problems with port 1099 on startup

(Apache OFBiz 9.04 Stable Release)

During my first start of OFBiz, I got error message that port 1099 is busy. I got this after turning of GMail, also (found somewhere that it is using this port). Yet, I didn't so any process using this port in list from netstat.

Oddly enough, looks like OFBiz is using it. And so I find where to change this:
file: framework/base/config/ofbiz-containers.xml
replace: 1099 to 10990 (check if this port is not used with netstat - you can change this to any free port)
(I found 1099 in two places in the file - lines 40 and 47)

After saving the configuration file I could start OFBiz without any problems.

Later on (after restart I suppose), I changed previously mentioned ports back to 1099. There was no problems this time.
So, if you got the error message for the first time, before changing port try to restart first, and write a comment here if only the restart fixed this.

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